Coffee Talks

Coffee Talks

Looking for a break between classes? Coffee Talks are offered every Wednesday at 10 a.m. in Student Center West, Suite 475. Each week, you will have the opportunity to discuss topics related to leadership while enjoying some fresh coffee and pastries. Participate in Coffee Talks on a regular basis and earn great perks.

August Coffee Talks
August 24: GSU 1010
New to Georgia State University? Come out and join us for a talk about everything you need to know about Georgia State University! We will have resources to help you understand the university including campus maps, office directories and semester calendars.

August 31: What are You Afraid of?
Do you think fear is real or a choice you make? Join in this talk as we discuss what fear means to you and how to overcome it.

September Coffee Talks
September 7: Everyday Leadership
If leadership is not about a position, you can practice it everyday. Share your leadership stories and learn how we can all be leaders every day.

September 14: Extrovert versus Introvert
Do leaders have to be extroverts? Can you learn to be an extrovert if you are an introvert? Join us as we discuss famous leaders, introverted and extroverted, who have changed how we see leadership.

September 21: Talent or Hard Work?
Do you need talent to succeed at a task or do you think practice makes perfect? Join us as we discuss the importance of both.

September 28: True Colors
Do you know your true color? Are you a gold? Blue? Maybe an orange? Join us in this discussion about personalities and learn more about how you see the world.