Coffee Talks

Coffee Talks

Looking for a break between classes? Coffee Talks are offered every Wednesday at 10 a.m. in the University Center, Suite 429. Each week, we will be discussing topics related to leadership while enjoying some fresh coffee and pastries.  Join us five times and earn your very own Leadership Development travel mug.

October 2014

October 1 – Why Do We Use Labels?

October 8 – How to See the Vision

October 15  - FALL into Leadership!

The temperature’s finally dropped a little bit and it’s finally fall, we’ll discuss ways to prepare yourself to assume a position of leadership, or to step up to the plate and accept delegated tasks.

October 22 – Sharing the Vision

October 29 –  Stage Fright!

Palms sweating, heart racing, stomach in knots, and you can’t cry for help! It’s even getting harder to breathe. No, you’re not being stalked by a monster, you’re speaking in public.​