Leadership Conclave

Leadership Conclave

In 1965, Georgia State University hosted the first annual Leadership Conclave which began as an overnight leadership retreat for select student leaders. Over time, Leadership Conclave continued to expand and evolve while offering leadership training to students. Now, Leadership Conclave is a one-day conference hosted at Georgia State University each fall semester. The conference includes a keynote address from a national speaker, several programs sessions on various leadership topics, and a luncheon. Leadership Conclave is open to all students who are looking to develop the leadership skills needed for success at Georgia State and in life after college.

Not sure if Leadership Conclave is for you? Here is what our participants had to say about last year’s conference:

  • “Everything was great. I would definitely recommend it to friends. Please continue to have these types of engaging trainings especially on diversity topics.”
  • “My overall experience was great. I thought the program was well organized and the keynote speaker was great.”
  • “Very good discussions! The keynote speaker was one of the best presentations I’ve seen and I’ve been to many leadership conferences.”
  • “I had a great time. It was a great way to spend my Saturday. I learned a lot which I hope to apply to my life.”

Registration is now open for the 48th Annual Leadership Conclave on October 19, 2013. See below for an outline of programs that will be offered.

Keynote Speaker: Kristen Hadeed
Kristen knows that there are many students who are eager to start making their mark. High achievers need to be told, “Yes, you can do it, and do it right now.” In this inspiring leadership keynote, Kristen highlights the importance of fearless leadership through memorable, funny and sometimes embarrassing stories of her own trials and tribulations as a young entrepreneur. Sharing the most intimate details of her journey from college student to the owner of a cleaning empire, she recounts valuable lessons learned from near-disasters and complete failures. Kristen empowers audiences to become leaders worth following, on campus, in their organizations, in their communities, or in the business world.

General Workshops (11 a.m. and 12 p.m.)

How to Lead for REAL
Presented by Kyle Stapleton, Communications Professional with Jackson Spalding
Do you think you have what it takes to be a great leader? Have you ever rolled your eyes and sighed skeptically at leadership “gurus” and their lame self-help talk? Then this session is for you! Through stories, conversation, and (gasp!) maybe even some humor, come find out the “secret” to becoming a truly great leader. SPOILER ALERT: It’s less complicated than you think.
Presented by Marissa Mundy, Licensed Associate Professional Counselor
You can only hit a target if you aim for it. By casting a vision and creating a pathway to achieve goals, you can lead your organization to success. Come learn about the S.M.A.R.T Goal method, an effective yet simple way to set goals and achieve them. You will leave this session with a start-to-finish plan for achieving a personal or organizational goal.
Presented by Marissa Mundy, Licensed Associate Professional Counselor
With so many leadership opportunities, even the most time management savvy student can become stressed out and overwhelmed. We all know stress takes a toll on our bodies, mental health, and even relationships – but what can really be done about it? This workshop will focus on unique mindfulness tools to help you de-stress, be more efficient, and increase productivity. Come ready to learn new strategies and practice them right away!
Presented by Jackie Martin, Chief Motivational Officer, A Matter of Motivation
To be an effective leader, you must do more than communicate well; you must connect with people. Whether it is in the context of one-on-one encounters with a fellow student, a small group discussion with your teams, or making a speech before an audience of thousands, the best leaders find a way to connect with people. We’ll cover the five principles and the five practices that will empower you to connect with people in all areas of your life. We’ll discuss and practice connection with others in a way that touches their heart and leaves them transformed in some way.
Presented by Rebecca Ammazi, Student Leader at Georgia State University
What can you possibly learn from all the party games you participate in during your college years? In this fun and interactive session, we will review the life lessons that will take you from the party to the board room!
Presented by Kirk Brown, Director of Development with the Ron Clark Academy
What does your #hashtag say about you? In this interactive workshop on personal branding, we will examine what makes major brands powerful and how those aspects transfer to you when creating and managing your personal brand using social media.
Presented by Kene Iloenyosi, Chief Executive Officer of NeatWorks, Inc.
Effective leaders are like skilled craftsmen. They have their favorite tools, but know when to use the others to create excellent work. When it comes to leadership, many people try to be “all things to all” and end up being “nothing to none,” or they try to be “one thing to all” and end up being “useless to most.” Join us as we explore the effective styles of leadership and how to use them.
Presented by Lakisha Brooks, Chief Executive Officer of Brooks Enterprises and Consulting, LLC
Everyone deals with conflict, whether it is with a friend, significant other, teacher, or employer. Conflict is inevitable; but what it is important is how one manages and deals with it. This workshop will show the pros and cons to conflict as well as offer some tips on how to manage it. If you are ready for “no more drama” in your life, this is the workshop for you!
Presented by Lakisha Brooks, Chief Executive Officer of Brooks Enterprises and Consulting, LLC
In a high paced, competitive world, it is essential to know how to and WHO to align yourself with in order to succeed. A wise person once said “Pick your friends wisely: there is power in your network” Learn how to effectively network and use your circle to your advantage in your personal and professional life.
Presented by Tameka Anderson, CEO, Team and Productivity Strategist, L.A. Say Inc.
Strong social skills are a key to success in your personal and professional life. Learning how to relate to others is an important and necessary tool for growth and development. This program will teach effective social skills through a variety of interactive exercises.
James Newman, Business Manager for BIC Consumer Products USA
Every leader needs to be able to stand up and deliver a clear and exciting message. This session is designed to help students improve their ability to present knowledge and ideas in a manner that captures attention and leads to inspiration. Whether you are in the classroom or boardroom, become the presenter that everyone truly enjoys listening to!