Leadership Conclave

Leadership Conclave

In 1965, Georgia State University hosted the first annual Leadership Conclave which began as an overnight leadership retreat for select student leaders. Over time, Leadership Conclave continued to expand and evolve while offering leadership training to students. Now, Leadership Conclave is a one-day conference hosted at Georgia State University each fall semester. The conference includes a keynote address from a national speaker, several programs sessions on various leadership topics, and a luncheon. Leadership Conclave is open to all students who are looking to develop the leadership skills needed for success at Georgia State and in life after college.

Registration for the 50th Annual Leadership Conclave will open in August 2015.  See below for an outline of programs that were offered at the 49th Annual Leadership Conclave on October 18, 2014.

Keynote Speaker: Antonio Neves
Antonio is a speaker, an award winning business journalist and a coach to young entrepreneurs.  A professional question asker, Antonio regularly facilitates masterminds with top entrepreneurs, start ups and with international retreats (he’s co-founder of The Ignition Lab). A certified coach, Antonio conducts workshops and webinars for companies that include MSN, MediaBistro, Booking.com, the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) and social impact nonprofits. Neves is currently the coach in residence for Entrepreneur Magazine’s, YoungEntrepreneur.com. As an award winning business journalist, he has interviewed top Fortune 500 CEOs and entrepreneurs including Steve Case, Tony Hsieh, Chip Conley, Jim McKelvey and more. His business articles appear in Entrepreneur Magazine, MSN Money, CNBC.com and Fox Business. During his broadcast career, he has worked with major television networks including NBC, Nickelodeon, MSN, E! News, BET, PBS and more.

General Workshops (11 a.m. and 12 p.m.)

Presented by Kyle Stapleton, Communications Professional with Jackson Spalding

Advice is dumb. Being happy isn't. If you're trying to live a life worth living (because thanks to popular music and/or airbrushed t-shirts, we all now know exactly how many times we live), come join a conversation about the not so secret secrets to better leading through living.

Presented by Hallie Crawford, Certified Career Coach, halliecrawford.com

How will you know when you have found the perfect job for you?  A certified career coach will give you some guidelines to help you navigate your place in the world of work.

Presented by Ron Chapman, CEO, Magnetic North

What can you possibly learn from all the party games you participate in during your college years? In this fun and interactive session, we will review the life lessons that will take you from the party to the board room!

Presented by Kirk Brown, Director of Development with the Ron Clark Academy
What does your #hashtag say about you? In this interactive workshop on personal branding, we will examine what makes major brands powerful and how those aspects transfer to you when creating and managing your personal brand using social media.
Presented by Kene Iloenyosi, Chief Executive Officer of NeatWorks, Inc.
Effective leaders are like skilled craftsmen. They have their favorite tools, but know when to use the others to create excellent work. When it comes to leadership, many people try to be all things to all and end up being nothing to none, or they try to be one thing to all and end up being useless to most. Join us as we explore the effective styles of leadership and how to use them.
James Newman, Business Manager for BIC Consumer Products USA
Given all this listening we do, you would think we'd be great at it right? Wrong! In fact most of us only hear what is said instead of actually listening. In this interactive and fun workshop on active listening, you will see that there is etiquette to communication and it starts with the art of listening.