Leadership Conclave

Leadership Conclave

Leadership Conclave, a Georgia State tradition for 50 years, is a one day conference hosted at Georgia State University each fall semester. The conference includes a keynote address from a national speaker, several programs sessions on various leadership topics and a closing banquet. Leadership Conclave is open to all students who are looking to develop the leadership skills needed for success at Georgia State University and in life after college.

You missed the Fiftieth Annual Leadership Conclave on September 25, 2015. Check the outline below to see what you missed, and visit the website next fall for information on the Fifty-first Annual Leadership Conclave. Leadership Development looks forward to seeing you there!

Keynote Speaker: Andrea Young, J.D. “Leadership Lessons from the Making of Modern Atlanta”
Andrea Young is an attorney, author and Professor of Practice at Georgia State University, teaches Public Policy Leadership and leads the multi-faceted Making of Modern Atlanta Project. The Modern Atlanta Project includes a documentary film, book, archive and community engagement. Her teaching and research interests include the political and economic history of Atlanta, the relevance of the Atlanta experience to other cities, the meaning of the legacy of Martin Luther King for twenty-first century leaders, leadership and public policy, and leadership and social change. Young was the founding executive director of the Andrew Young Foundation; served as executive producer of documentary specials for television; and worked with local, national and international partners to promote global health, community leadership and sustainability, and the extension of civil and human rights. She has devoted her career to promoting policies and practices that defend and extend civil and human rights. She has served as legislative assistant to Senator Edward Kennedy, worked with the United Church of Christ in global mission and advocacy, served as Chief of Staff for Rep. Cynthia McKinney and served in senior executive positions for Planned Parenthood of Metropolitan Washington and the National Black Child Development Institute. She is the author of “Life Lessons My Mother Taught Me” and collaborated with former Atlanta Mayor Andrew Young in co-writing his memoir of the civil rights movement entitle, “An Easy Burden: Civil Rights and the Transformation of America.” She holds degrees from Swarthmore College and Georgetown University School of Law and is a member of the State Bar of Georgia.

Opening Speaker: James Robilotta “Leading Imperfectly”
James Robilotta is an author, professional speaker, personal coach and entrepreneur. His first book, “Leading Imperfectly: The value of being authentic for leaders, professionals, and human beings”, came out in the summer of 2015. He speaks internationally to audiences about authentic leadership and promoting memorability. As a speaker, he is doing the two things he loves the most: causing audiences to think critically about their leadership journeys and making people laugh! His thought-proving talks are infused with self-awareness and comedy stemming from his background as a trained stand-up and improv comedian. Originally from Sayville, New York, James attended the University of North Carolina, Wilmington as an undergrad. He then pursued his masters in counseling in higher ed, earning his degree in 2007 from Clemson University. James worked on college campuses for over 10 years, developing student leaders and higher education professionals before going full-time with his speaking and coaching career. James now lives in New York with his wonderful wife, Jacqueline, and their two super-sweet puppies, Kyra and Sophie.

General Workshops (4 p.m. and 5:15 p.m.)

Presented by Almeera Pratt, Storyteller with Jackson Spalding
Organizations aren’t structured like they used to be. Hierarchy is dead, middle management is gone, and opportunities abound for young people to step up and lead. This change reflects a more self-aware view of leadership - one that isn’t about having titles nor a guaranteed authority to tell people what to do. So what happens when you find yourself in a position to lead a group of your peers? How do you rise to the occasion without becoming a dictator? Whether it’s a major project at work, a group assignment at school or even planning a trip with friends, we’ve all had opportunities to lead our peers. In this session, you’ll learn how to engage and empower a team by connecting with others and helping them share a collective vision.

Presented by Perry Anne Scott and Mike Sanders, Converge Coaching and Consulting
The key ingredient to personal branding is trust. This interactive presentation examines three types of trust and illustrates how the habits and characteristics we practice early in our career establish trust and are critical to being promoted and to becoming leaders on a grander scale.

Presented by Jackie Martin, Coach, A Matter of Motivation
To be an effective leader, you must do more than communicate well; you must connect with people. Whether it is in the context of one-on-one encounters with a fellow student, a small group discussion with your teams, or making a speech before an audience of thousands, the best leaders find a way to connect with people. This presentation will cover the five principles and the five practices that will empower you to connect with people in all areas of your life and leave them transformed in some way.
Presented by Jim Karwisch, Improv Artist with DuMore Improv
What does improv have to do with leadership? A lot more than you might think! In this fun and interactive session, you will learn the basics of improv and how they can be utilized to build your confidence as a leader.
Presented by Nicholas Sturdifen, President, Life Push LLC
In this interactive presentation, participants will experience a real world scenario where their perspectives, communication skills, critical thinking abilities, and decisions will be tested under the pressure of time and reward. In the same way successful leaders view their organizations, participants will have the opportunity to see the big picture of an organization and discuss how perspective and purpose are at the core of a successful leader's approach.