Leadership Conclave

Leadership Conclave

Leadership Conclave, a Georgia State tradition for 50 years, is a one day conference hosted at Georgia State University each fall semester. The conference includes a keynote address from a national speaker, several programs sessions on various leadership topics and a closing banquet. Leadership Conclave is open to all students who are looking to develop the leadership skills needed for success at Georgia State University and in life after college.

The 51st Annual Leadership Conclave will take place on Friday, October 7, 2016. Online registration is now open. The registration fee for students is $15. Read below to find out more about the speakers presenting at this year’s leadership conference.

Keynote Speaker: Jess Ekstrom “Leadership: Millennial Style!”
Jess Ekstrom admits that she hid her young age when starting her business. At 20, she feared the Millennial stereotypes would be stamped on her forehead. She worried that no one outside the college environment would take her seriously. Why? Look around. There are thousands of articles bashing today’s 20-somethings. “I thought the fact I was finishing my Spanish homework in between conference calls would make me less credible and they’d just write me off,” she said. She learned quickly that being a Millennial was actually one of her biggest strengths. Jess realized the stereotypes that are placed on her generation could be turned into qualities of great leaders. In her keynote, students will learn from a fellow Millennial how to use their age and generation stereotypes to become leaders in their communities.

Closing Speaker: Derek Greenfield “Today is the First Day of the Next and Best Day of Your Life”
In this increasingly diverse global world, individuals and organizations must adopt policies and practices that appreciate the power of culture in building relationships and maximizing human potential. This powerful participatory session challenges people to examine their own biases and work together to learn how to achieve inclusive excellence.

General Workshops (4 p.m. and 5:15 p.m.)

Presented by Aaronde Creighton, Pique Consulting
What does it mean to be an authentic leader? In this presentation, you will learn the importance of authenticity in developing trust with those you seek to lead.

Presented by Perry Anne Scott and Mike Sanders, Converge Coaching and Consulting
In this engaging presentation, you will learn methods and tools to run effective meetings that “forward the action” to keep teams productive and accountable. In today's busy world, meetings may not take place with everyone in the same room. As a group, we will explore techniques to make virtual meetings more effective.

Presented by Heather Stagl, CEO, Enclaria
Influencing people to adopt new goals, processes, behaviors and attitudes is undoubtedly a complicated endeavor. Where do you start? Applying the five levers of influence can help you to accomplish your objectives. Anything you do to influence others will employ at least one of these levers. Come learn about the five levers and prepare yourself to manage change.

Presented by Nicholas Sturdifen, President, Life Push LLC
In this session, students will hear the personal story of a borderline millennial's journey in leadership and how it has played a direct role in building a million dollar business in today's world. This session addresses the diverse challenges of relationships, business, diverse environments and our own insecurities. Students will learn how to effectively apply themselves on a path to success and fulfillment.