Free Hugs Project Spring Kickoff

Posted On February 16, 2016
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On Thursday, February 11, the Free Hugs Project team had their spring kickoff in Unity Plaza. The Free Hugs Project is a programming initiative that began at Georgia State in the fall of 2012. At that time, the Emerging Leaders participated in a social experiment by standing in Library Plaza at midday holding Free Hugs signs. They witnessed a transformation in the students that passed by even if the students elected not to get a hug. The fact that they were willing to hug random strangers brought a smile to the faces of many students passing through the plaza. Of course, there were a few quizzical expressions as well.

Today, the Free Hugs Project seeks to build community on campus by promoting connection between students. The Free Hugs team plans several events a semester to spread their hugs across campus. The kickoff event on February 11 offered free hugs, games, and lunch for students in Unity Plaza. Students who participated in games set up by the team were able to earn a lunch ticket. The Jenga game was quite popular with students. Student Tatyana Taylor got caught with the unlucky block that sent the tower tumbling much to the delight of everyone watching.
The next large Free Hugs Project event will be held in April. Students interested in being a part of the Free Hugs team can apply online.