Emerging Leaders Program Returns to Campus

Posted On August 15, 2017
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Leadership Programs is launching a new and improved Emerging Leaders program in the fall of 2017. Emerging Leaders is an exciting year-long leadership program where 50 first-year students will have the opportunity to explore their leadership identity while learning about the available campus leadership opportunities and university resources. During the fall semester, participants will attend weekly interactive sessions where they will learn about leadership and how to be effective leaders on campus. The sessions will include guest speakers from various offices that offer leadership positions. The speakers will educate participants on the leadership experiences within their offices, how to apply for positions and what they look for in candidates.

The guest speakers provide a unique opportunity for students to hear first-hand what offices are looking for in candidates. My hope is that our Emerging Leaders’ students are our future Student Government officers, Orientation Leaders and Resident Assistants. Networking with the employees in those areas will allow Emerging Leaders the opportunity to become leaders on campus.

~ Chris Leary, program manager, Emerging Leaders

During the fall semester, participants will build a leadership plan outlining their future plans to lead at Georgia State University and what steps they need to take to achieve that plan. During the spring semester, students will begin applying for positions, preparing for interviews and landing positions!

The program will also include an upperclassman mentor that will help students navigate through their first year. Each student will be paired with a mentor to help new students understand university culture, make friends and connect with leadership opportunities. Mentors have shown that they can be successful inside and outside the classroom by being actively involved in leadership positions on campus, while successfully balancing their academic classes.

Our mentors are amazing students. They have shown so much dedication to the university and I am excited they have the passion to help new students connect to the Georgia State community.

~ Chris Leary

Outside of the weekly seminars, leadership plan, and the upperclassman mentor, program highlights include an off campus retreat in October and monthly socials on campus. Although the program exists to prepare successful leaders, it also seeks to emphasize the importance of having fun. The retreat will take place at a time when students start to miss home, feel overwhelmed with school, or may be struggling on campus.

Taking students off campus during this challenging time will allow them to let loose, have fun and recharge so they can finish out the semester strong.

~ Chris Leary

This program is perfect for anyone who is interested in being involved on campus, wants to learn about the university resources and wants to make Georgia State feel comfortable by being together with 50 of their peers. Students interested in being a part of Emerging Leaders must register online by September 1, 2017. To secure a spot, students must pay the $60 nonrefundable program fee and commit to participating in the entire experience. For additional information about the program, contact Chris Leary.