Presidents’ Brunch 2017

Posted On September 18, 2017
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Student organization presidents were invited to attend the Presidents’ Brunch on Friday, September 15. The goal of the event was to provide opportunities for connection and collaboration as well as provide student leaders with insight about the current status of the campus community. Dr. Becker, University President, and Corey Gray, Student Government Association President, were invited to speak. Dr. Becker updated the presidents on the current state of the strategic plan as well as future capital improvements that can be expected in the next few years. Dr. Becker commented on the widespread filming that has occurred recently around the campus and delighted the audience when he stated, “It just proves Atlanta can be whatever you want it to be.” The audience was similarly excited when Dr. Becker shared the news that Georgia State had closed the achievement gap for students, thus assuring that students from all backgrounds can succeed at the university.

Corey Gray sought to inspire the presidents by sharing a unique perspective on leadership using the words of the familiar childhood tune, “Row, Row, Row Your Boat.” He had the entire audience up and singing, while he shared his perspective on living life by the words of the song. He emphasized the need for everyone to row their boat, while encouraging their team members to row their boats as well. He drew a few gasps from the audience when he declared, “Stress is the number one killer in America.” He encouraged students to live their lives merrily and embrace their dreams.

After the opening speeches, the presidents had an opportunity to discuss their successes and challenges with the other campus leaders. After the engaging conversations, the presidents shared best practices with the entire group. Specifically, they encouraged collaboration with other groups, developing succession plans, and prioritizing group goals. Bailey Fairbanks, president of the Political Science Graduate Student Association, encouraged everyone to practice time management skills, something everyone was able to agree on! In closing, the group shared opportunities for future collaborations, which sparked a great deal of interest in participants.