Student Leadership Certificate Offered Beginning Fall 2018

Posted On October 1, 2018
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This fall, the Leadership Programs office launched a brand-new leadership certificate for students. The Student Leadership Certificate is a comprehensive leadership development program designed to help students grow as leaders while also providing an opportunity for them to keep track of and gain certification for their leadership development. Students who participate in the certificate will explore leadership through individual, group, and societal values that will allow them to better understand how to be an effective leader at Georgia State University and in their future. At the end, students will participate in a capstone experience where they will complete a coaching session with a staff member and create their personal leadership philosophy. This capstone allows them to reflect on and make meaning of all the learning that took place throughout the certificate.

Chris Leary, Student Affairs Advisor II in the Leadership Programs office, designed the certificate to fit the needs of Georgia State students. “I’ve learned that Georgia State students are really busy, so I wanted to make sure the certificate fits their unique needs and hectic schedules.” The program was designed to be flexible, so students have options when deciding how to earn credit. Although the certificate has completion requirements, students can choose which programs to attend to meet those requirements. The certificate is also self-paced which allows students to progress in their own time. “The flexibility is what makes the certificate so great. My goal is to help students grow as leaders and there are so many ways they can do that. I want to help them find the way that works for them,” Leary said.

Regardless of how long it takes to complete, all students will be awarded a certificate when they complete thirty, sixty, and eighty percent of the program. This will allow them to be recognized for the progress they have made. “We wanted to recognize students’ achievement each year, so we created levels for them to work towards,” said Leary. Those who complete the entire program will be awarded the leadership certificate and a chord to be worn at graduation. “Completing one hundred percent is an amazing accomplishment, so we wanted to give them something special to recognize all their hard work,” said Leary. The Student Leadership Certificate is currently open for all students. Log in to Panther Involvement Network (PIN) or attend an information session to learn how to start earning credit.