Inaugural Senior Leadership Institute

Posted On December 19, 2018
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The Leadership Programs office hosted the inaugural Senior Leadership Institute on Friday, November 4, 2018. The institute was a half day retreat open to students graduating during this 2018-2019 academic year and was designed for students to explore the transition from campus leader to new career professional. Through this program, students learned how their collegiate leadership experiences connect with their future career aspirations and how they can leverage their experiences to land their dream job. In the first year of the program, twelve graduating seniors participated in the experience.

The institute was facilitated by Jackie Martin, a professional speaker of A Matter of Motivation, Inc. Jackie specializes in helping leaders create and maintain the motivational techniques that will lead to improved success in all aspects of their lives. For this specific institute, she utilized her expertise to create experiential activities, engaging conversations, and interactive experiences that allowed students to think critically about their future. The institute also included a panel of young professionals who shared their tips of transitioning from campus leader to young professional. The student attendees enjoyed the experiences and really reflected on their futures careers.

As a brand-new program, the Leadership Programs office wanted to provide an opportunity for students to reflect on their leadership journeys. “I find that students do not often think about how their involvement and leadership experiences have prepared them for their future, so it was important for me to provide them the space to do that” said Chris Leary, planner of the institute.

“Being involved in a student organization, a fraternity or sorority, student government, or other campus experiences provides skills students can use in their future careers. The Senior Leadership Institute exists to help students understand how they can use those skills once they graduate.”

-Chris Leary

Moving forward, Leary and the rest of the Leadership Programs staff want to continue to see this program grow. It will be offered at the end of every fall semester, so check back in Fall 2019 for information on the next Senior Leadership Institute.