About Us

About Us

Leadership Programs provides a variety of programs and services to assist students in developing their leadership potential and considering how they can positively influence their individual communities. All students have leadership potential. Leadership Programs’ philosophy is based on a new way of thinking about leadership that emphasizes process over position and encourages everyone to consider how they can make a positive change in the world. This philosophy is guided by the Social Change Model of Leadership Development, a leadership model designed specifically with college students in mind.

Prior leadership experience is not required to participate in the programs. Students are encouraged to take advantage of all the programs and services. A strong leadership background will not only enhance students’ college experience but will also prepare them for life after college.

Mission: Prepare students to take on leadership responsibilities by helping them understand their strengths and values and how these strengths and values relate to their chosen career fields and leadership roles in the community.


  • Leadership Programs will be recognized as the source of leadership training for students across campus.
  • Students will develop self-awareness of their personal strengths and how they can be both an asset and a liability.
  • Students will develop confidence in their ability to successfully lead groups.
  • Students will be prepared to translate their leadership experience to employers.