Lead Team


The LEAD Team is a group of elite student leaders at Georgia State. LEAD Team members mentor incoming freshmen in the Emerging Leaders program, provide leadership programming to the student body, facilitate training workshops for student organizations on a variety of topics and assist in programs sponsored by Leadership Programs. The primary purpose of the LEAD Team is to serve student leaders and organizations in whatever capacity they can. The LEAD Team is overseen by Chris Leary, student affairs advisor for Leadership Development.

All students are welcome to utilize the various services offered by the LEAD Team.

The application process for the 2017-2018 Lead Team is now complete! Stay tuned for an announcement of the new team in March 2017. For any questions, please contact Chris Leary, student affairs advisor for Leadership Development.

The LEAD Team is available to provide training and support to student organizations or student groups on campus. To request a LEAD Team training program, please complete the online request form. While there is a menu of training programs, with proper notification, the LEAD Team can customize a training to meet specific needs.

Below are the current training programs:

  • Basics of Leadership: What is leadership? What is the difference between leadership and management? This session will provide participants with an overview of basic leadership principles and help participants determine their personal leadership style, so they can focus and develop their leadership potential.
  • Budgeting: Planning an event? Trying to figure out how to maximize minimum dues? This training session will teach participants to use resources effectively and develop options to maximize funds to make their organization as successful as possible.
  • Communication: 你好. Γειά σας. नमस्ते . 今日は. Bonjour. Bienvenidos. Hello! Just as people can say hello in hundreds of different ways, leaders can find many ways to express their thoughts, some good, some bad. In this session, participants will learn techniques from the world's greatest leaders, who are all exceptional communicators. Participants will learn to express their thoughts in a way that creates dialogue, involves everyone and provokes thought and action. This session will also prepare participants to listen and persuade others in many different communication mediums.
  • Conflict Mediation: Conflict is often something that occurs within new organizations or new board members. This training session will help focus on fundamental and practical techniques to successfully resolve disputes. It also provides a deeper understanding of why there is a conflict and how to avoid it in the future.
  • Event Planning: After attending this training, participants will have all the skills and resources they need to successfully plan Royal Flame Award winning programs that impact the campus. The training will cover event planning from the development of an idea into an event plan, including organizing a team, securing funding and planning event publicity. Even participants who have planned events will be able to move to the next level with the tips and expertise they will get in this training.
  • Marketing Your Student Leader Experience: Students learn many things from being a student leader but may not know how to market these skills to employers. In this session, participants will learn tips and strategies to effectively promote their leadership skills and experiences.
  • New Member Orientation: In this training session, participants will learn how to show new members the ropes of their organization. Properly training new members, outlining expectations and creating opportunities to get involved will go a long way to help retain members. It will also help to create leaders who will carry out the organization's purpose or mission. This session will cover effective orientation plans and techniques and provide participants with the tools they need to create a complete orientation process.
  • Team Building: Collaboration and teamwork bring people together for a common purpose. This session will include fun activities that help participants see their peers in a different light and allow them to connect in a different setting. The LEAD Team and participants will work together as a team to build communication, planning, creative problem solving and conflict resolution. Participants will learn to work better together and foster creativity among their team.