Student Leadership Certificate

The Student Leadership Certificate is a comprehensive leadership development program designed to help students grow as leaders while also providing an opportunity for them to keep track of and gain certification for their leadership development experiences. Throughout the certificate program, students will explore individual, group, and societal values influencing leadership. To complete the Student Leadership Certificate, students must complete elements in four domains including:
Leadership: Individual Values
Leadership: Group Values
Leadership: Society Values
Leadership: Capstone

The program is designed for students to move through at their own pace. Students earn credits by attending workshops, retreats, and programs offered by Leadership Programs and other offices around campus. Tracking is done through the Panther Involvement Network (PIN) where students can view their progress at any time. All current Georgia State University students are automatically enrolled in the Student Leadership Certificate, therefore, no application is required. Attend events and swipe in to start earning credit.

Certification Levels
Students will be awarded a leadership certificate at the end of the year banquet for each level of the program completed.
Silver Leader: One program domain completed
Gold Leader: Two program domains completed
Platinum Leader: Three program domains completed
Diamond Leader: All four program domains completed

Information Sessions
Want to learn more about the Student Leadership Certificate? Come to one of these information sessions to learn how to complete the requirements for our leadership certificate program.
February, 6, 2019, 2 p.m. - 3 p.m., Student Center West 474
March 7, 2019, 10 a.m. - 11 a.m., Student Center West 474
April 2, 2019, 3 p.m. - 4 p.m., Student Center West 474

Individual Values Domain
This component is designed to give students the opportunity to gain a better understanding of self while exploring leadership and involvement on campus.

Requirements for Completion:
Complete the StrengthsFinder Assessment or a True Colors Workshop.
Attend ten leadership training programs in the Leadership: Individual Values category.
Complete five leadership exploration events. Examples include the Student Organization Fair, Meet the Greeks, student organization meetings, or other on-campus events.

Group Values Domain
This component is designed to teach students the importance of working within groups and teams as a leader.

Requirements for Completion:
Attend ten leadership training programs in the Leadership: Group Values category.
Complete five experiences leading a group or team on campus. Examples include leading a committee, serving in a student organization leadership position, or planning an event.
Attend a group development retreat, trip, or experience. Programs include Panther Leadership Academy, Leadership Conclave, and Natural Leader Series.

Society Values Domain
This component is designed to empower students to be positive citizens in their communities.

Requirements for Completion:
Attend five leadership training programs in the Leadership: Society Values category including Leadership in the City events, Civic Engagement Coffee Talks, or Multicultural Center programs.
Participate in three community service projects.
Attend a service trip or social justice retreat. Programs include the Social Justice Retreat, Grassroots Leadership Program, or Panther Breakaway. If you think you have another way to complete this requirement, contact Chris Leary.

Leadership Capstone
This component provides an opportunity for students to think critically about their leadership development experiences to develop their personal leadership philosophy. This domain should be completed only after successful completion of the other three domains in the Student Leadership Certificate.

Requirement for Completion:
Complete an in-person coaching session with Leadership Programs staff.
Write a personal leadership philosophy and submit for review.

How do students earn credit?
Start by attending events offered by the Leadership Programs Office and swipe your Panther ID. Almost all the workshops, retreats, and events offered by the office earn students credit towards the certificate.

How can students track their progress?
Progress in tracked through the Panther Involvement Network (PIN). Student can check their progress by logging into the Panther Involvement Network, then, clicking the icon at the top right corner, and selecting “Paths.” If students are enrolled in multiple pathways, make sure the “Student Leadership Certificate” path is selected. Here students can click each domain to see the items they have completed in that domain as well as the overall percentage of the total certificate completed.

What events count towards the Student Leadership Certificate?
Once in the Student Leadership Certificate pathway (see question above), click on the domain and select the requirement you would like to check. Once there, the approved events will appear on the right under “fulfillment options.” Students can sort this section to show events happening that week or month.

Do students need to complete an application to join the program?
No! All current Georgia State University students are automatically enrolled in the Student Leadership Certificate, therefore no application is required. To verify your enrollment, log into the Panther Involvement Network, click the icon at the top right and select the “Paths” link.