Women’s Leadership Experience

The Women’s Leadership Experience is a six-week leadership cohort program for women who are interested in having conversations with and learning from other women. The experience will include common topics that women leaders face including women’s representation in leadership roles, women’s empowerment, and overcoming stereotypes. Students will participate in conversations, leadership development workshops, and field experiences that will allow them to better understand how to lead confidently as a woman. For questions about the program, contact Chris Leary.

What are the benefits for students?
A cohort of 25 other women
Conversations with other women to share personal stories and hear other stories
Workshops that will develop leadership skills, increase awareness, and provide an education framework for engaging with issue women face
A full-day retreat that will help you create relationships with other women leaders.

Program Registration
This fall, fourteen women participated in the inaugural Women’s Leadership Experience. The program will be offered again during the fall 2019 semester. Check back then for more details.